New to quail, help with colors and sexing.

Aug 5, 2021
Yarmouth NS
I hope that this is the proper way to ask, as I am new to quail and would like help identifying these colors, but mostly the sex.

These are Rosetta, I believe. Must be vent sexed later on

As is this smaller one.?


Very pretty, keeping #1 either

Number 3 looks like Italian with coturnix on back..2 pictures



Number 4 looks like a golden Italian


Number 5 looks like Italian, wild, and Rosetta. 2 pictures.



Number 6 is a beautiful Italian hen, I believe.

The only one that I see that might be a hen is #6. #3, 4, and 5 are males. You already know that 1 & 2 aren't feather sexable. I hope #1 & 2 turn out to be hens. You have a few weeks before you'll need to separate your boys, at least.
Thank you for the well wishes, not too worried as I am looking for breeding sets for pets.. so I have Italian pair at least, possibly throw in a Rosetta hen.
Appears as though we were all correct in our guesses..

Recently, I hatched another set of eggs that I purchased from a farm when I was out for a drive. I saw a sign that said quail eggs for sale..I asked if he had hatching eggs..he said that he usually doesn't sell them because it might cut into his business.. but I raise them as pets, as I raised birds when I was younger and I can't get it out of my

I don't know what color or sex this one is, but I am super excited to find out.

The wing feathers look grey or silver, tinged with white..any thoughts on what color this is going to be?


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