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  1. I am VERY new at raising chickens. I grew up in the city, married a country boy and want to start our own farm. We've acquired 8 hens (5 Buff Orpingtons and 3 Barred Rocks) and 1 rooster. We've had them for 6 days and we've only gotten one egg. Now for the few questions....
    1. Are these types of chickens winter layers?
    2. If so, why are they not laying? We are working on their nests being more secure and enclosed.
    3. 8 of the chickens are hanging outside in our garden, tilling it up, eating scratch and bugs (the few), but one is inside - could this be a problem?

    Im sure i have more, but any help is appreciated!

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    First of all, :welcome

    Most breeds aren't known for being winter layers. That being said, you should still see a few eggs here and there from them. How well they lay will depend on quite a few factors: age, whether they're still molthing, time of year (with winter, laying slows due to the shortened daylight hours), whether they're free ranging (lots of hens get a wild hair up their butt and lay somewhere other than their nests, whether you had to move them when you acquired them (chickens don't like change, it'll take them anywhere from weeks to months to adjust to their new space).

    Barred Rocks are know for being pretty good egg producers. Buff Orps, not so much. I've had both breeds, and very much enjoyed them. My BOs weren't stellar layers, but they kept my family in eggs (when they weren't trying to hatch chicks!).

    Best of luck with your new chicken adventure!

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