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    My husband and I are starting to build a chicken coop. We’ve done tons of research, but would like advice on what works/doesn’t work. Our biggest concern is having enough space and the right kind of space. What space should I prepare specifically for roosting? How much of a chicken run should I have? How many nesting areas should I have if I’m planning on having 12 chickens?
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  2. A_Fowl_Guy

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    Jan 29, 2019
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    4sqFt per chicken for the coop
    10sqft per chicken for the run
    1 nesting box for 4-5 hens.
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    Jul 23, 2018
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    The numbers @A_Fowl_Guy provided are minimums.
    I use double the run size shooting for 20 sq ft per bird. I also have my coop and run built completely integrated and secure with 2' wide buried predator apron, all openings covered with 1/2" HC and 2 hot wires around the entire perimeter.

    Because I never close my pop door, the birds are always out in the run waiting for me in the morning. This is where they spend their winter time as I cover the walls of the run with tarps to block the wind.

    Do not under size your coop and run as you will eventually regret it.
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    Agree with everyone on coop/run space. Roosting space should be 10-12 inches per bird and need both inside of coop and in run. Can be same level or multi level.
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    If I was starting over from scratch and I am I'd build a coop suitable for humans to get into and clean and service ie a walk in coop. Raised floor coops (and I have one) are just a pain to do anything in and under them. Roosting space generally is 1' per bird having said that I have 11' of roosts in the now roost box (I thought I was building a coop from internet research) and I see up to 7 RIR hens on one 4' roost. The roost is 1' off the floor so they can hop up and down.

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    I have 18 birds on a 12 ft roost. They have more space, but prefer the top. Bigger is better on the coop, imo. Mine is just a '15 x '16 section of outbuilding with the front cut out for ventilation, a couple 12' roosts in the back, and a few big buckets for nesting. I need to add a couple windows and a couple vents up top in the back yet. Are you going to free range? That can determine whether you want a big covered run or not.
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