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    I'm new to raising chickens. Just recently purchased 12 pullets strictly for fresh eggs. I converted an old she' into a coop to house them at night and plan to let them free roam during the day. They have access to 5-1/2 acres of open lawn and a pond for water. My question is by letting them free roam do I NEED to supplement any other food supply for them? Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    You'll want t make sue they have a steady food source, for maximum production. Today's lawns don't have enough to really keep a chicken going like yesterdays farms did. There will also be times when there just isn't enough out there. Say in winter and and a dry summer. Also having a food source close to the coop may well keep them from someplace you don't want them to be.
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    They will need feed. If you want to reduce the feed bill, let them graze in the morning and feed them in the afternoon. Lawn won't provide enough for them. I wouldn't count on the pond for water either - they will be better off providing fresh water.

    If your lawn has not been chemically treated, and if you have lots of non-grass growning (clover, dandelion, chickweed, etc) it will be better. Maximum length for good grazing is just a couple of inches. Even so, you will need to supplement with something!

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