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Discussion in 'Geese' started by Jkasper, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Jkasper

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    Mar 9, 2012
    I finally have 2 baby Embden goslings!!!! Yea!!! I have been reading different things about feeding them and the type of bedding to keep them on. I purchased a wild game starter food from "Red Barn" they told me it was better than the Start Grow because it has protein in it which they need. However, I read that their first foods should be lukewarm water with honey or corn syrup and fresh cut grass??? I walked them around the yard today and they pecked at stuff here an there. I have not noticed them eating the food that I purchased though??? Is there a trick? Also, I have read different things about you shouldn't give them a deep water dish because they can drown but they should be able to submerge their nostrils in the water??? I just gave them one of my chicken waterers. As for their bedding, "Red Barn" told me to put them on pine bedding, but I have been reading that they can eat that and get stopped up and die. Should I have them on hay?? I tried reading a few posts in the forums on BYCs, but they scared me and now I am so worried. All about their goslings dying or getting wet or too hot/too cold...dying over night....Are they that much harder to raise than baby chicks??? Please help!!! Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
    Nervous new gosling mommy!
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    Wow, you sure have a lot to worry about. Chill out, things aren't as bad as you see them. Goslings need about 30% protien, but will grow up just fine on what you bought. Hay is fine, but many people use pine shavings without a problem. Waterfowl babies are extremely messy. They won't drown in a water dish, but shouldn't be allowed to swim until their feathers are mostly in. The reason for this is that mama supplies the oil for their down so they can float, but hatchery goslings don't get any. They must wait until they have enough feathers to preen and use the oil gland just in front of their tail. Some folks allow swimming under supervision, but experts advise against it. The sweetened water is ok, but they should start to eat by the second day of their life and after that they are more like pigs than birds. As long as they have a source for warmth that they can either use or move away from, they should be fine. Now, stop your worrying and enjoy your goslings. They truly are a joy...........Pop
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    May 30, 2011
    Oh such horror stories. We kept a baby geese in the house in a dog crate the first few months. They were on shavings, and spent a lot of time in our laps watching tv on a towel. Lucy, and Desi ate game bird starter and had chicken waters. They were not around swimming water till they lost their baby down. when it was warm outside I would sit in the lawn with them and let them play, they formed close relationships with our bordercollies and kitties, because they could go nose to beak through the wire kennel till they were older. Now they live in their own place outside, but if given the chance come up on the deck and look in the windows, as if to say, we miss our tv and lap time.our geese are Chinese but I would assume the raising is the same. Stop letting people scare you and just enjoy. If your babies are real small and you fear them ratting shavings try laying paper towels over the top.. Ours , it wasn't! An issue. I gave them greens a little, and when they moved outside they love dandelions. They are about 7 years old now and once in a while I have to put them in time out for bad behavior. I pick up the offender holding its neck and shut them in their coop. Later I let them out and they are back to themselves. Lucy can't lay eggs because of a dog attack, a neighbors, she walks with a little limp but she is fine. Enjoy your babies geese are a treat, so much personality.
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    Apr 14, 2012
    Fairbanks, Alaska
    I am raising mine inside the same way but, I live in alaska and it's not warm enough out side yet for babies!! I figure about a week or so before they can go out side maybe, right now there is still some snow out there.

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