New to selling eggs


6 Years
Apr 23, 2013
Northwest indiana
Last summer was our first with hens and we had one lady from church that bakes cakes for baby showers, etc that always bought us out. But this year she isn't do that anymore do to her age and I don't know how to really market eggs. I have a sign up in our yard, but we are gonna have 15 more hens laying towards the end if July as well as the 12 hens laying now!! Help!


6 Years
Mar 12, 2013
Blue Mountain, Nova Scotia, Canada
As I do here with all my birds I sell the eggs as well. I used to sell roadside with a big sign in a busy area and where nthere was ample space for people to see my sign and be able to park. I did this every Sunday while the church crowd was out and about,people going to the carlots looking at cars with no salesman to bug

Now I take my eggs to the weekly fleamarket and sell them. I usually have around 50-60 dozen to sell by the weekend. I never come back home with any. Always sold out. Give the markets a shot... Steve

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