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9 Years
Dec 3, 2011
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
I went to a chicken show this past weekend looking for two polish hens. I was disappointed that I found no polish chickens for sale, but I did come home with two white silkie chicks with black spots. I remember reading about these exotic chickens 40 plus years ago and for years I have always wanted to have a few, so why not? I grew up on a farm in the Midwest and we always had chickens for eggs and meat never pets. The chicks are about a month old and seem to be very different from the chickens we had on our farm. I have only had the chicks for two days and I already see that they are very curious and friendly and very vocal. I am keeping them in the house for now in a heated room. This evening I was observing the chicks eating when suddenly the chicks started sparing with each other. It only lasted a moment, and then they went back to eating. What is the "sparing" behavior with silkies I observed?
Pretty much the same sparing behavior seen with all chicks. Somebody has to be top bird, somebody has to be below them, and so on and so forth. Sometimes the lower bird(s) aren't happy in their position or think they are hoss enough to challenge the alpha bird for position, so they spar. If neither bird is getting hurt, they'll sort it out. One thing that every new chicken owner worries about and I want to reassure you about straight off, is that it does not in any way indicate gender. I've seen hens that could put roosters to shame with their fights.

Again, if no one is being injured, they'll figure it out.
Silkies are so much fun and super sweet!!! You will really enjoy them! feel free to ask any questions...They will do that when they are young but it will stop...they get along really well with each other and other chickens.

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