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    New to the coop, About three weeks ago I bought a brown sex link I was told she was seven months old but my information show that a brown sex link ought to be laying at five months. She looks mature enough to lay but she hadn't given me anything in the 2 to 3 weeks that I have her, and I don't believe she ever been out of the cage before because when I put her on her own little patio with P gravel and grass and other goodies, stuff for chickens, all she wanted to do was come back into the garage and get in her cage! So I was reading backyard chickens and I figured that I would up her protein intake and I mixed in some cat food with her pelleted food, it was bought in bulk it didn't have a name but I guess it's comparable to Layena. I quickly found she made a mess if I fed it to her dry so I added water to it mixing the pallets and the cat food and a couple other things like oatmeal, popcorn etc. and added water. She loves her food moist! Right about at 3 weeks she gave me her first egg! It had a large blood spot on it And it was a good size egg for her first! No chicken poop so I figure no worms, but I was prepared I did buy diatomaceous earth, foodgrade. The next day when I decided to have the egg for breakfast I found it was a double yolk! Poor chicken she lost her virginity with a double yolk! Last night she gave me her second egg which was smaller than the first… Naturally and early today she gave me another one that was a little bit smaller yet so it looks like she's going to be giving me an egg day pretty steadily. Since she likes her cat and dog food so much, and I do worry about the tourine in it I thought maybe that if I gave her a low quality dog food like you find at the dollar store it may be something that I can feed on a daily basis, it's cheap, it's convenient, and she loves it! And if you read the ingredients it is mostly corn! At this point I do want to add that I had read in an earlier post that somebody said they were feeding their cats only dry dog food… Because there is a limited amount taurine if any in dog food the cats will go blind. Let me repeat myself, the cats will go blind if they are not fed cat food or something with a high tourine content . Feel free to research this but I've seen on animal cop shows people who were feeding feral cats dog food because it was cheaper and they could feed more cats, the whole colony of cats had gone blind! This is why I research my chickens food as well as I do I want her to be the healthiest chicken that I can have, and I also want the Healthiest eggs for myself as a byproduct. Now her first three eggs including the double yolk or maybe I should say 4! The yoke is very pale, even more pale than the store-bought white egg, now I had said earlier that I did not believe she'd ever been out of the cage so she was most likely not able to Roam free eating grass and gravel and bugs so her protein was probably low… Is this also why the yellow of her yoke is so pale? It also was not as flavorful as a darker yolk… Which is what I was really hoping for. I know I can turn the yoke darker just by feeding dog food with red dye in it But I also want the flavor any advice?
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    Hi and welcome to BYC. I would have thought that a conventional layer feed, combined with free ranging is all thats needed for tasty eggs.

    All the best
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)

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