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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Sharonea1959, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Sharonea1959

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    Sep 16, 2018
    First thank you for this group, you people have helped many times already.
    I am new to this bird thing. have always had budgies, canaries, and love birds.
    Got me first Guinea Rooster in March 2018, he was being murdered by his current flock, so I took him. then got a hen and she died. Found another and my flock has been growing. Bought 6 few days olds, including a white, lavender and black. Incubated some eggs, got two more, had to undo the shell of one. then my original hen hatched out 5 more, 2 died. Just put the remaining 3 5 week olds in with the 10 week olds, and my pair of 5 month old black silks, Just go 3 more 5 week old silkies, and my 5 weeks old keets are terrified of them, which is why I put all the guines together, except for the original adults, that will come later.
    Any body any idea why the keets are afraid of the chicks, I thought it should be the other way around. Would this be same with the older keets, Could I let everyone out in the coup, and the young silkies be OK, or do you think the older keets would attack them?
    I am from small town Ontario, Canada, the nearest large city is Kingston I am approx. 25 miles north of that city.
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    Welcome to our FUNomenal flock! :celebrate
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    :frow Welcome to BYC!!! :woot
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    Howdy :frow and Welcome to Backyard Chickens.

    Thanks for joining us! :woot
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    Welcome to BYC!
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    Hi @Sharonea1959 ! welcome to BYC :frow If you search the forums for keets you might find someone who can answer your question, and if you put @ in front of their user name, they'll get a notification so see your post. Good luck! :thumbsup
  8. FlappyFeathers

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    Feb 5, 2018
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    hithere.gif Couldn't quite make out exactly how many birds you have currently, but sounds like you're starting with a lot! If your guineas and silkies are the same age (5 weeks) they should be ok together... I don't think the keets are truly afraid, the silkies are just different from what they're used to. When I got my new baby chicks, my older hens were "afraid" of them too.

    It's not a good idea to put the silkies with the older guineas. At least until they've all experienced the "see but don't touch" introduction for a while. Even then, you will really have to watch to make sure your silkies stay safe... maybe include some hiding spots for them. But from what I've heard, guineas can be pretty mean to chickens so you may eventually have to keep them separated anyway.

    Good luck in your new birding adventure!
  9. BlueBaby

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    Mar 21, 2016
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    Hello, and welcome to BYC!
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  10. adrikeen

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    Sep 10, 2012
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    Glad to have you join our flock! Pull up a roost! :hugs
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