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    My name is Sarah, and I'm a recent addition to the site. I'm a veterinary technician living just outside of St. Louis, MO.

    I've loved chickens since I can remember. I grew up in Bangkok, Thailand, and when I was about 6 years old, I begged my parents for some baby chickens...despite the fact we lived on the 30th floor of an apartment building, they relents, and brought home two for my birthday. They flourished, despite our lack of adequate chicken-space, and every day I would take them down to our playground on the ground floor to let them forage and scratch around. Thinking back, the whole situation seems a bit funny. When they got to be a bit too big, we found a nice temple that would keep them on the grounds as pets.

    Since then, I have moved around a lot. When I was in high school, we were living in KY and we had a nice little farm house. We picked up a dozen chicks at feed store and I once again embarked on the adventures of chicken-keeping. Unfortunately, many of those chicks turned out to be roosters who proceeded to terrorize my family for months. They would not fight amongst themselves, either...but instead, work together and gang up on the poor unsuspecting hens and take turns. We used to have to exit the house with a broom in order to defend ourselves from sneaky rooster attacks. The day I came home to discover my mom and my sister on top of my mom's car, where the rooster could not reach them and would not leave them alone, was the day we all decided we had to get rid of all the roosters.

    Understandably, the poor bedraggled hens were relieved, but still flighty with out attempts to befriend them.

    We moved again. Sold the farm. And the chickens. And here I am years and years later, with my own little farm and the start of my own little flock. :)

    As I mentioned previously, I am a vet tech. We see a little bit of everything where I work...yes, even chickens. My first day on the job we went to vaccinate a pair of bengal tigers. I have since encountered monkeys, prairie dogs, pigs, alpacas, and even had a baby kangaroo try and crawl down my shirt. I love my job. Apart from chickens, I keep a variety of snakes (quite a lot of them owner surrenders that get relinquished to our clinic and I help find homes for) some redfoot tortoises, 3 border collies and a pugaranian.

    So, now on to my chickens.

    The first three I acquired in late december. Three little pullets: a frizzle, a black japanese, and a mille fleur d'uccle. I came for the frizzles, and in hind sight I wish I'd picked up more of the cute little mille fleurs. But they are all sweet, if a tad bit anti-social. Recently, I acquired a pair of fantastic, white silkies. The roo is a sweetheart, and the hen is a meek little thing. I had so many people warn me about integrating them with my current three when the time came...but they all settled into one anothers company without a hitch...lucky me!

    Now I have picked up a handful of chicks...4 ameracaunas, three more silkies, and a freebie the guy told me was an old english bantam. They're doing well, apart from the hind ends of my silkie chicks getting gunked up now and again and requiring little tooshie baths. I'm super excited about the ameracaunas, and I hope that the majority of them turn out to be hens. Any tips on what early signs to looks for? They're approaching 3 weeks old, right now.

    We have a coop, and we have plans for a large run later this spring. I will do my best to update with more picks, but for now here is a brief shot of my chicks, and a pretty shot of 'Braveheart' my Silkie roo in the coop with the can see the mille, frizzle and the Japanese just at the bottom of that photo.


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  3. where do u get your chicks?

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