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Jul 29, 2021
My wife and I are recently retired. We have a small farm and got our first chickens about a year ago. We currently have 30 birds, and they're quite an eclectic flock. We have four dark brahma hens, two golden laced wyandotte hens, one Ameraucana hen, one buff orpington hen, and one buff orpington rooster. We've hatched out 21 chicks so far...still too young to sex at the moment (at least, for us!). We also have bee hives, a small orchard, a blueberry patch, a small vineyard, and we grow a lot of our own vegetables.

We enjoy watching the chickens interact with each other. Some are more friendly than others but they are all basically gentle. They free range during the day and we close them inside the coop at night. We are definitely enjoying the fresh eggs they provide for us. Sharing with friends, families, and neighbors is a major plus for us.

Both of our children are grown with families of their own. Our grandchildren love visiting the farm and roaming the woods. Our dog is very good with our flock. She would like very much to play with them but they're intimidated by her 75 lb. self!

We've been following BYC for a few months now but just recently decided to join the community. We look forward to learning from others that have more experience than do we.


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Mar 20, 2015
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