New to the sport of raising chicken


6 Years
Sep 9, 2013
Purchased 4 hens about a month ago. They were all 11 or 12 weeks old. Let them stay in the coop for 3 days and after that they get to wonder the lower back yard which is about 52 feet by 30 feet. Doing well and they get back into the coop at night to rest. Looking forward to some eggs in the near future. I do this as an out since my wife has cancer and it gives me an excuse to visit the backyard and check on our plants and chickens as well. The support group I go to for my wife says it is a good thing for the care giver to get out and do something, and you know it does help, thanks to the support group.
Welcome to BYC. Take care of yourself. You must stay healthy for the sake of your wife. The chickens can provide a great 'out'.
:welcome With 16 week old hens sounds like you should be getting some fresh eggs in the near future. Best wishes for your wife, do take care of yourself too. Chickens are a good reason to get out into the garden.
Welcome to BYC
and big
for you and your wife.
Wow! what a great gift to get support from persons I do not really know, MANY THANKS from me, my wife and the chickens. The hens are a great mind re-leaver and I look forward to many happy breakfast meals with my wife.
I know what it is like. When my mom had cancer I used to walk at 2:30 am for several miles daily to think and clear my head. I'd get home just before she woke up. Then took care of my father with dementia for quite a few years till he needed a nursing home. Do take time to recharge your batteries.

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