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Second round of baby chicks.. We have 4 One year old Hens.. and we have five 4-5week old chicks..

I would love to search through the forum and find the answers but with a 3 month old and 2 year old running around I just have to ask..

First: What temperature do they need to have.. like what is the lowest temp they can withstand right now?
I live on the Northern Cali Coast and our weather is sporadic 70's one day and next day rain in the 40-50s..

Second: When can I introduce them to the ladies?
I have been putting them outside on sunny days (protected with bottomless wire cage) and giving the ladies treats right next to the little ones so they are getting to know each other. I just want to know when it is safe to put them together.

Third: One of my hens has gone broody. She has no eggs under her and I have taken her out of the box and placed her next to the food and water.. She fluffs up and jabbers at me, then heads right back to the box.
Because she has gone broody can I introduce her to the babies even though they are a 4-5 weeks old? Also could the introduction of the little ones kicked off this behavior? We got rid of our Roo about 3 weeks ago when we got the babies.. (He was gorgeous I miss him, but he was mean to my kids..)

Thanks for all the help..
Anyone? Please..

I could just wing it.. no pun intended.. ok maybe a little pun.. hee hee.. any how. I could wing it and i bought the Chickens for Dummies Book.. co authored by BYC master himself..

The book isn't really giving me the answers I seek.. great information for basic knowledge but I need someone with experience..

Help....p p p p please..
They start at roughly 95 minus 5 degrees a week. So 70 or so should be fine. (Those temps were a bit hot for my girls, though.) They should be nearly fully feathered by now, right? In a week or two, you should be able to wean them off heat completely. On warm days, I wouldn't bother with a heat lamp, but I still might on cold days, especially if you see them huddling together and grumpy.

I wouldn't try to fully integrate them until they're closer in size, but you might start introducing them now. My 3 week olds free range supervised with my 8 week olds. Not only am I there watching, they have places to hide the big girls can't get too. So far, things have been quiet. Each group is still in separate brooders at night.

From what I've read, the broody won't accept the babies that are a month old. The experts may have other advice. I haven't gotten that far.
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Thanks AZSummer.. I appreciate it..

I am thinking about putting them in the coop with the ladies at night.. covered of course & away from possible attacks..
Would the heat lamp bother the Hens if I put it out there for the babies.. ??
They will be fine down to 65 degrees, but I find my chicks are too hot starting at 90, so I generally start them
at 85. I'm also in Northern CA, and by 4 weeks old (if the days are warm) I cut them off the heat lamp during the day and turn it back on at night.

You don't want to put them with the older ones until they are about the same size. (13 weeks or so). If you can partition off an area that they can see each other, but where the older ones can get to them, it helps get them used to each other until they are big enough.

Don't introduce the babies to your broody! They are too old and she'll likely attack them to protect her nest.
You're welcome.

I'm still a novice so I'm not sure about the heat lamp. My guess is that the older ones would be fine as long as they can get away from the heat.
Here are our new girls.. 2 BO, 2 RIR, & 1 Blk Sex Link.. I have been putting them out for the Ladies to meet.. You can see they are protected by the wire & our dog..
Here you can see a couple of our Hens in the background..

I appreciate the information..

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