New to this, have 5-day old Bantams, would appreciate advice

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by tha503, Dec 11, 2007.

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    Dec 11, 2007
    Hi! My daughter hatched eggs for an Ag Science project. We live in a subdivision with covenants so I know we cannot keep them. We have 3 chicks, and I know someone who owns a farm who will take them when they are older. She does not have any chickens yet so does not have a coop at this time. Her husband is handy so I am sure he will build one for them. Right now we have them in a brooder, (a guinea pig cage to keep them safe from our pets), with a heat source, food, water. I live south of Atlanta so the winter weather is mild. My question is what to do as they get bigger but aren't quite ready to go to their new home? Should they be outside for some periods during the day, and if so, at what age? Thanks for your advice. They are adorable and great fun to watch!
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    Don't let the CC&R's discourage you! Those covenants were put together by the developer, who was never going to live in your subdivision.

    I was hesitant about getting chickens in my housing tract, but I've had chickens for the past 3 years and my closest neighbor, who's house is only 15 feet from the coop, has no idea. All of my other neighbors love them. Who knew? But, I don't keep roosters.

    Regarding your question, if they're too big for the brooder, but it's too cold in the coop, put some heat/light in the coop.

    Check out

    Katy runs the site and it's very informative for people with chickens in the city.


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    I would keep them. It's such a great experience for you daughter. [​IMG]

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