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Sep 24, 2013
hey :) im new to this site. i love all the coop designs i might be using a couple of them someday for my ducks and chickens that i have ;) i just bought 3 new chicks but 2 of them have a lump on there necks and im just wondering if that is normal and one of them with the lump can't quite keep her balance. her name is lucky and i couldn't just leave her where she was. she was too cute and she needed to be on shavings so i took her and her two friends home and shes doing better on the shavings than the wire she was on :) and other than the walking she is eating and drinking and being a very normal chick other than the walking problem :)but yeah just wanted to say hi and tell everyone about the chicks :)
As far as I know, yes. My hens full grown still have the lump but bigger and in their chest. We had ducks for awhile and they grew amazingly fast and a lump that grew into their chests too but very normal. It was as if you could move it back and forth from underneath the skin.
So as far as I understand, it's very normal.
Welcome to BYC!!!!
Glad you joined us! :)
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! It may be their crops you are seeing. Where exactly is it located (on their necks)?

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