New to Turkeys - need advice on raising chicks

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Themagicone, Apr 30, 2019.

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    Aug 28, 2018
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    So I got 10 Turkey chicks last week. 4 of them have already died. The hatchery is resending me them but they said to put my Chicken chicks and Turkey chicks together. I thought it was best to keep them separate due to food differences. In total I have 5 ducks, 15 chickens and 6 turkeys chicks, 2 broaders. What is the best way to split them up? They told me most likely the turkeys died due to starve out and the chicks will help with that. Not sure. Any advice?
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    Feb 6, 2018
    Hi Hannah
    Their idea might be that the chicks will show the poults what to eat. I have brooded chicks and poults together for the first few weeks before. I have brooded ducklings with chicks for a few days after hatching but then they start to make things to messy for me and I make them their own brooder.
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    You have not provided sufficient information to merit a guess at why your poults died. What is the brooder temperature and is the temperature measured at the bedding level?

    Turkey poults need a higher protein feed with higher levels of lysine, methionine and niacin than do chicken chicks. While chick starter can be harmful to poults, chicks will do fine on turkey starter.

    Turkey poults can be stressed more easily than chicks while they are being transported by the USPS. They can really be stressed if there are insufficient numbers of them in the package which is why most hatcheries require a 15 poult minimum purchase.

    The ducklings have different nutrition requirements than either the chicks or poults. The poults also need a dry environment which are good reasons not to brood the ducklings with the poults.
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    I have one of those heat plates so I can't measure the temperature. They arrived on Thursday. 1 died Friday, 1 Saturday and 2 yesterday. The 2 yesterday were found under the heat plate. They seemed to be doing fine. I put my chicks and turkeys together and ducks alone now. Will see how it goes.

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