New To Turkeys.. Question about egg laying

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by jpepmiller, Mar 10, 2018.

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    Mar 2, 2017
    so I just bought a pair of adult bronze turkeys a couple of days ago and have them in a medium-sized holding pen until I get there big run finished. I knew that the hen would start laying soon, but I went out today and found an egg in the middle of the pen. I had a nesting area in the pen for her already so I just moved it there. Is there anything special I should do? I’d like her to hatch her own poults. Thanks!
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    You will have to wait and see if your hen uses your chosen nest site. Turkeys can be fickled, and some can be quite stubborn about choosing the site.

    Not all hens go broody, and some that do will lay a large clutch before doing so. I don't let mine hatch, so hopefully someone that does will give some advice.
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    I use doghouses for my girls to lay in. If that's what is in the run or pen that they feel secluded she should use it.

    That' fine you put the egg where you want her to lay. Once she starts laying in the chosen spot just leave the eggs. As far as going broody mine go at the drop of a hat.
    Earlier in the laying season she may lay up to 12 or more eggs before she decides to set. Later in the season it may only take a few before broodiness sets in.

    If you only have the pair if she sets remove the Tom so he doesn' take the hen setting as a sign to mate and busting eggs in the nest
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    Suggestion. Mark each egg with a date it was laid. When new egg shows up, mark it, and remove the older egg. Put in egg carton and handle carefully. Keep in cool area about 40-45 degrees and turn twice a day, morning and evening. I mark egg cartons O at one end and X on the other and turn the carton. It is placed so that one end is up higher, like on another egg carton. Keep collecting eggs.

    When new house is finished, move in the two birds. see where the female picks to leave her eggs. Always leave one in her chosen place to keep her laying there. Just leave the newest one.

    She can cover a lot of eggs, so dont be afraid to collect some 30 eggs. Not all will hatch. And she will be busy raising babies and will not start laying again unless babies are removed.

    If she is a new mom, she needs to learn her job, so let her do her thing. Be patient with her, and see what comes of her efforts. My hens are very protective of their poults, so treat her with care and respect.

    So keep collecting eggs and good luck.
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    If she wants the hen to go broody and hatch the eggs, it is best to just leave the nest and the eggs alone. The turkey does a better job storing and turning the eggs than a person can. As the eggs accumulate the hen will go broody when she reaches the clutch size that she wants.
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    Thanks for all the input guys. She ended up laying another egg in the spot o lit the first one. She has even covered them up. Hoping she decides to lay more. Thanks again!
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