new toquail raising.. Need some info??


8 Years
Apr 16, 2011
Hello, i am new to quail raising. I am getting some eggs to put in my incubator. i am wondering what everyone does with there quail? Do you sell eggs? eat the birds? Sell for hunting? etc? Can you eat the eggs like the chicken eggs? I understand there much smaller. Are they very cold hardy? What do they eat as far as feed? Sorry for all the questions.. Any info would be greatly appriciated. Thank you
welcome tot he world of quails. if your in it for the money you can kinda treat them like a chicken. you can eat the eggs, I currently have local resturant buyers for my eggs. i've sold meat and eggs to places.

best place to start is the quail stickies at the top of the quail forum. you can get almost all the information you need in there, if you have any other specific questions don't be afraid to ask away

welcome to the addictive world of quail.
Ok thank you. I'm wondering if I can feed them medicated chick feed?
i mean...technically you can. Feed questions always bring up a ton of answers.

so i'll just give you what i PERSONALLY think. others will be different

I don't use medicated feed, that doesn't mean you can't, some folk on here can only get medicated feed so thats what they use. Some folk say it causes infertility, some folk that use medicated feed say they have non of these issues.

I just stick to non-medicated. As far as the chick feed aspect, you might want to look for something with a little higher protein content. 24%+ is recommended. Ideally you want a 30% feed, but not all of us can find it. If you are lucky enough to have a purina supplier around you talk to them and get them to get the Purina Gamebird Startena, its...IN MY MIND...the best feed out there.

if you don't have a purina dealer, then just get the highest non-medicated feed you can find, crumbles of course.

once again this is My opinion on medicated v. non-medicated feed.

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