New trailer coop, for mobility!

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    We're half way into the build of a new coop, preparing for when/if we move. So we're building it onto a trailer frame. The trailer is 4x8 and rated for 1500lbs, the coop will be 6x8, extended a foot out on either side. It will have 14ft of roost space, 6 nest boxes, access panels for food/water that will be kept under the roost tables. We have a roost table in our current coop, and it makes cleaning SO easy. About waist height, 6 inches below the roost bar, with a mix of sand/DE/Sweet PDZ on it.

    First we prepped the trailer, removing the wheel covers and lights.


    Then we bolted (1/2in x 3 1/2 carriage bolts) on the 2x4s along the top of the trailer frame. There is 1 inch of clearance for the wheels, so it may require a trailer/flatbed truck to move on the road. There were already holes in the trailer frame for the bolts.



    Then we laid the wire mesh from the 1st photo that was on the trailer, and sandwhiched it over the 2x4's and below the 3/4in treated plywood floor. That way, if rodents get up under the frame, they cannot chew through the bottom wood.


    Then we stabilized with cinder block, so we could move around on it. From there, we started framing, and got this far yesterday.


    It will finish out about 7'6 plus trailer height. Once it's in position, we'll jack it up, place cinder block following the steel frame, remove the wheels, set it down, and skirt it. Reducing height a little bit.

    It will have a bi-level roof, the space between for light/air. People entrance at the front, a step built onto the trailer tongue. The rear will have access doors between the studs to get to the food and waterer hanging inside (will be hung from the bottom of the roost table, maximizing floor space.)

    The upper rear wall will have a seasonal window, fan inside for the summer, and a piece of plexiglass for winter.

    We're aiming to have the roof on it today, since it's supposed to rain all week.

    The idea being that when we move, we only have to hook it up and pull it away, or hire someone to winch it onto a trailer/truck and move it. If we get land, we can move it around as needed. We're using storm strapping, a mix of screws and nails... aiming for sturdiness that will allow movement without damage.

    After 16 years with chickens, I finally get the coop style I've always wanted! It will be sage green, with black trim. Flower boxes screwed to the side, gutters, the whole 9 yards. Retail on materials is about $1100, but I'm a scavenger so we don't have anywhere near that into it. The trailer was free!

    It'll hold 13 chickens give or take. We'll do a new run as well, PVC and all hardware cloth, hoop style. Something we can disassemble and reassemble.
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    I have to come back and read this one again, but I think this is a fantastic build. I have a trailer out back that is just begging to be utilized as you have. A very nice and as best I can tell spot on construction. You will be very happy with this. Nice job, good work. I give it my seal of approval. [​IMG]

    Thank you for the nice write up and the photographs.


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