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    May 4, 2007
    I am in the process of puting a trailer a brand spanking new 2012 trailer (MOBILE HOME) in on our land, But I feel I need to clue some in on if you never have did this.I have a trailer I am in now my and hubby and it has holes in the wall one from his daughter kicking it from the doors banging against the wall ( i know) and the floor gives in one place and has a hole in the second bathroom the one toilet doesn't work it over flows (I know to) and it is just run down so out of what I thought is they would just pull the one out and put the next one in anyone think about this before oh no they have to clear our whole lot nearly of trees and bushes then they have to put a foundation down lay briicks oh and before that they have to bring in dirt to level it out then they have to put the other trailer out we need somewhere to live and it would cost to much to live in a hotel (yes I have did this odding when the same house caught fire in 1980 anyhow they said if all goes well they should have it done in 30 days which it will not be then by Christmas

    They have to burry the electric lines so none are over head got to get a phone in cable in and got to sit and watch then work dropping trees tomorrow. I don't know how much more I will out out but I think it will be wopth it it is a 4 bedroom double wide I wanted a 3 bedroom but this one was a deal I am payng for a 4 bedroom that a 3 bedroom would go for.

    My new trailer once it is in



    Just a few pictures for you don'tclink on this it is not a link I don't know why it is doing this.

    Well thought you all would like to see this.

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    I've installed many a homes with the permanent foundation. Does it have the concrete board siding (Hardie panels) ?

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    Jun 18, 2010
    Southern Oregon
    We've run into this same thing. Our current crappy trailer ('66 single wide---yee-haw!) is on it's last legs and we were all set to get a new double wide last fall until I lost my job. Well, now maybe this spring. But yeah, it's demo'ing the old trailer (our lot is very long and narrow so the new house has to go on the same spot as the old house), we had to dig up and replace a lot of sewer, plus the part of the line had to be re-run to where the new house's sewer will be, power will have to be upgraded and run underground, one tree removed, pad prep work, foundation...........several other things we'd not thought of. Oh, plus, since we're in an urban growth area, the city wanted us to pay 20,000 for "future improvements" to our road. As my husband called it, imaginary sidewalks lol! Oh, they wanted us to hook up to city water also but we managed to appeal that. Well, we have to hook up to it, but we can have a shut off of sorts and keep our well.

    So, this spring when it dries out, we'll probably rent a port-a-potty and camp in the pasture, shower at the YMCA..........see how it goes!
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    May 11, 2010
    Looks like the one we had years ago. I really liked how spacious it was.
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    Oct 7, 2012
    Wow, it looks just like mine, same color and even the windows outline outside is hunter green same color as mine,plus mine is a four bedroom.
    Is it worth it YES YES YES!!!! Lol
    Every state has laws on mobile homes and the set up, living in FLA. we needed lots of hurricane straps, they put more then the state law required (thanks so much to palm harbor)
    We got lucky our land was cleared of trees, but not all cleared, just where they needed to move the home. After living though that bad year of non stop hurricanes, I wanted my new place, with no trees around it, didn't want any to fall down during a hurricane on my roof.
    Helpfull hints, get a front porch, lol my mistake I wished it was inclosed (screened in) but mine is open, you can enjoy a cup of coffee sitting on your porch its nice, sitting watching my horses, chickens and the wild birds singing.
    One thing that worked out, don't get a skirt that's wood with lots of little holes, get the fake stone skirt, it keeps most of the critters that will CHEW UP YOUR AIR DUCTS, the fake stone will save you money in the long run, the cost might be high to put in but pay out in the long run.
    as in when they promise that it will be ready to live in, don't pay attention to the date lol, it took three extra months longer, due to permits, weather and code enforcer that might delay the due date of move in.
    Like someone said, you can go camping on your land, and maybe stay in a motel for a couple of days out of the week during the set up of your new place,you can make this very fun for your grandkids, even yourself.
    I am so happy for you!!!!! You are really going to love having a big house, and not looking at the grass in between the wall and floor of your old place, just like my old place that we called the ten dollar trailer, but it did save us 3500 dollars lol for having it there due to the permits from the county.
    Take care, I am very happy for ya!!!!!
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    Could the new one be put in front of or just behind the old one? If so I would think they could simply build the foundation and run the phone/electric/cable lines and wait until the week it's set up to switch from the old hook ups to the new. water and sewer/septic hook ups could be dug up and ran the few feet difference and done the same way as the cables. Had some friends in the early 80's do that when they built a new house, a different hassle but as you said few hotel bills....
  7. Henny peeny

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    May 4, 2007
    we have to have brick under the trailer I picked Abingdon it is all different colours mostly red but I thought it would look good, They said it maybe this TUES. we get it in but they have to hook up everything I was hoping before Christmas we'll see, I kinda feel guilty this is all because of the fire and this is why we can get the trailer I wish my son was here in the flesh cause it is a 4 bedroom he would of loved our cats and the dogs and he can even like the rabbits but not to keen on my chickens it is ok he was here when I had my goats he was not keen on them either but he would never hurt them. I miss my son so much if I just would of got him sooner he still would be here I know there is nothing I can do and I have no fault but this will be with me for ever there are questions that will never be answered they can't be because either David or my father would have to be here to answer them.

    I will let you know when it is in and take more pictures/

  8. rebelcowboysnb

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    Looks just like my sisters...

    Wow with those laws. Here we can pull out the old one an have a new one in in a good day to day an a half.

    Dad had a trailer business when I was younger.
  9. oldrooster

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    Rhayden your son is watching you and is happy for you. Just believe it in your heart and it will eventually feel it there too. just talk to him occasionally during the day as you pack and unpack in this move and tell him you plans and ask him what he thinks and in a way it will make you feel like he's a part of it. sounds nutty I know but is it any worse than people who go to graves and talk to a headstone? I'd rather think of them still here in spirit....

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