new turkey babies arrived


Aug 17, 2016
So thrilled it's been several years since loosing our family turkey Toe... Struggled about getting turkeys again for his loss.. Did get Bourbon Reds again love everything about the breed, wanted to try a new breed Royal Palms what little spunky fun loving babies,, am sure I am going to love them. And 1 Narragansett .. Would of gotten more but they were completely sold out for the time frame I was looking for them to arrive. Am happy I was able to get the one that was expected to be available. will be posting pictures. Love love the EcoGlow Brinsea heaters am trying for the first time. My little herd of goats have grown and having the regular heat lamps made me nervous if the goats would try to mess with the baby chick areas. I didn't think these new heaters/ warmers looked like they would be enough, yet the chicks easy love and use them... Have you hugged your Turkey Today :)


Jun 10, 2020
SF Bay Area, CA
Congratulations on getting new little turkeys! Good luck with them, and thanks for sharing! I don't have any turkeys myself, but I have seen quite a few in feed store brooders.

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