New turkey chicks


5 Years
Feb 10, 2014
I just got 4 new turkey chicks, born Monday/Tuesday, one of them is peeping so loud and wont stop!!! The only time it stops is when someone is downstairs and is talking……is it lonely???? The heat lamp is on and it is nice and warm, and there is a cool area as well. It is eating and drinking fine. When I put my hand in the brooder it puffs up if wings and pushes them forward and comes right over to my hand. Why wont it stop???? And is it showing signs of being a male by doing its wing fluff thing???
Sometimes incessant peeping is a sign something is wrong. However, when that's the case they don't stop when they can hear/see you. That particular poult has probably imprinted on you thoroughly (you're the parent). They get quiet when they sleep ;) . We only worried about them when they stopped peeping and we weren't in sight. Some of these guys express putative sex earlier than others (not 100% predictor). Every tiny `terror', here, has grown into a tom. The one below is apparently boss bird at a farm in an adjacent county where he went as a little guy back in `11: `It' was `strutting' before it could walk well enough to keep from falling over.
Well….. I think my little guy thinks Im his Mommy. I went and held him for awhile and he got quiet and happy, the min I put him back in the brooder he started running around screaming and trying to get out. He sounded so panicked and didnt settle down after a few mins that I went and held him till he calmed himself and fell asleep.

How long will this last???? It breaks my heart to hear my cry.
Those we brood indoors get dosed with the classical music station and, with habituation to the vocalization - we only hear them if there is some change in tone/volume. Little guy has got friends so, at about a month they tend to trail off on the peeping. Hand feeding them moths will be appreciated by all and `lock in' their `tameness' (most will just be `familiars' only a few will be `lap turkeys').

If they are destined for the table, just number them (no names).
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Little guy knows how to get spoiled........


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