New Turkey


9 Years
May 22, 2010
So we are adopting a turkey!! Very exciting!! DH in process of building a x8x8x8 coop with an outdoor run. Its a Tom as far a I can tell, blue head, gobbles, gray color. I looked at pictures and I think he may be a Blue Slate. His "coop" now is an igloo dog house with a x3x3x3 pen covered with plastic. I hope he'll be happy. It looks like he may have a swollen left foot, not sure the people weren't home when we saw him. I don't know if he can fly so the top of the x10x10x10 dog kennel we are using for the run will have to be covered. Very excited. Will get pictures and post maybe someone can help with identifying his breed. I don't think he's a year. Think I'll name him Jack if its a girl Jackie.
Congrats ! I just got two baby bronze turkeys so am working on a new coop too as I heard it is best to keep turkeys and chickens seperated because of disease .
Congrats to both of you

Heritage turkeys can fly and like to roost in trees. We got our first turkey this spring and started with a dog kennel as well. He now has an 8' x 12' turkey coop and we are working on a huge run. We got him a hen and I was given a we have three now. Mine are Royal Palm.

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