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    I have had a week.. last week lost two pasture pet horses in thier 30's last week and this week my daughter's horse died suddenly of Torsion.. All this while my friend.. A real Dad to me... (who is a surgeon that travels to 3rd world countries and does surgeries for the impoverished for nothing)... He is in the hospital fighting for his life.. He has been in there over 3 weeks.. He had an inflamed pancreas/gall bladder and it got out of control... He was transferred up to OHSU 4 days ago and is in ICU... His wife called me tonight.. They have prepped him for emergency surgery and his chances are not optimal.. If they don't do the surgery and the now inflamed gall bladder ruptures it is over.. If they go in now before they drain a huge cyst the size of a cantaloupe they will likely rupture it and it is over.. He was supposed to wait 3 more weeks so they could drain the growth... Well they don't think they can wait.. So we need prayers.. he is tired and weak and told his wife that he didn't think he had the strength to fight... I need superhuman spiritual strength channelled his way... His horse got sick and Ataxic after I gave him a shot at vets request and that was about all his wife could take...and me too so I thought...Then I euthanized my own old horse yesterday (I had no choice...complete blockage in the intestines).. We were partners for 15 years or so... She was the better half of the two man herd... I am just empty and tired... I need to find the strength to get up and help my friend Jenny deal with this HUGE Scarey time....If you have a little extra breath tonight and you could utter a few kind words on thier behalf..that would be great...Virgil Peters is his name... His daughters (Jana and Donna) were in Grand Goave (the epicenter) in Haiti last year delivering supplies and helping with the very profoundly poor ppl by providing meals and clothing.... (they barely made it out alive.).. I have a thread on that time...Same family...

    Okay guys so your prayers are working.. They didnt' take him to surgery... That is good...Today was better than yesterday but far from What is needed..PLEASE KEEP PRAYING... I think that is all that is holding him here...I am hoping to turn the tide here... We need all the heavensent angels on deck still... Thanks so much for your grand efforts here...I can't tell you how much it means... from one end of infinity to the other... Geebs. He is still prepped... The doctors who are overseeing his care say that they have never seen anything like this ever....

    Another update.. Virgil was able to take water..he is still prepped and holding...Please don't forget about him... You guys are awesome...If all goes as it should be in 2 weeks the cyst will have formed enough of a wall to drain it through the abdomin wall and then the gallbladder can be SAFELY removed... This is still a minute by minute day by day in the ICU where his wife sits by his bed from sun up to sun down.... Please don't forget him in your day to day lives... Thanks so much already!!!!

    Another Update He has finally stabilized... this is the first time since he hit OHSU so this is a blessing you guys may have turned the tide... Keep praying... I know this is working... If he continues to be stable till Saturday they will do CAT scans and see where we are at.... We are still a couple weeks out for the "proposed surgery" being ideal date... So please don't forget him... He wouldn't forget you... really... To know him is to love him... His wife and children have been at his bedside since this started over 4 weeks ago... the day I can't even remember...It is all running together...Pray God ....He is stable!!!

    UPDATE Jenny (his wife) is now living up at OSHU. He doesn't think he can make it... She is up there to run interference with the nurses and see that he gets sleep and for moral support.. They think two more weeks and they can do the surgery safely... Still in a holding pattern... He is having trouble keeping up the will to stay on the planet... (go figure)... It is a long haul and they are still doing epindurals to make him no be able to feel from his chest on down... It is no way to live but if he can pull through the next two weeks we can start having a swing to other side of the pendulum. Thanks for your ongoing prayers....He is still here and that is a credit to you all...

    UPDATE: 12-23-2010 Thank you guys for all your hard work... Jana, Virgils daughter says she can literally feel all the prayer... Okay she Said that they did a surgery last night to relieve one cystes pressure on Virg's heart and lungs... they drained him.... I don't know how all is going as it is a minute by minute day by day thing... We are one week out from Draining the big bad cyste and then doing the surgery on the gallbladder... Obviously this is a HUGE undertaking and all the prayer in the world is needed.. I know he is still here because of you guys... thanks so much for including this fellow in your prayers and please continue to do so.... His wife cries now... She says things like... I just want my husband back and his daughters cry... He is so tired and wants to be done... whatever that means... I am asking for superhuman strength to keep him strong enough to hold out till they can rid him of this aweful affliction... A miracle here... Thanks all for sharing the common goal with me...
    They told him 10 more day till they can drain the cyste.. However he has lost so much (he was ultra thin to start) that they are not going to be able to do surgery even after they drain the cyst until he get some strength back..His wife really gave it to him.. Telling him he better shape up and stop feeling sorry and fight because she would have to get rid of everything cause she can't take care of it all... He has rallied... We want him home by Christmas...That is the goal... If not by Christmas...Just at all and I will be address specific here... Home in Oregon... That is what we are praying for ... His home in Mnt Angel.. Well enough to be home by Christmas.. Keep the prayers comin..... He is still here and you guys are awesome... Thanks everyone who is watching this thread...
    Jenny stayed at home due to the weather here... He is doing much better emotionally and so is she... Keep the prayers coming..It is working.. I hope she slept good as she hasn't in a week...She will likely return up there today and back home again tonight as the temps drop down into the teens tonight...She lives an hour from the hospital but she gets a lift by someone daily...So no worries about her driving at this point... Keep praying for their house...The girls are battling health issues...Lupus... due to this ongoing family stress...

    Major update... Good news... he is walking and they are scheduled for sugery tomarrow.. I believe that they have drained the cyst as he is up and moving... and in good spirits.. Let's pray for the surgery!!!! All voices loud and clear...lets bring this ol boy home to his loved ones by Christmas...You all have some powerful prayer!!!

    Major Update... After postponement after postponement they were able to drain the cyste.. they did find a mass in it that will need to be removed but for now they have him up and walking and eating for the first time in 3 months...Thanks guys... I haven't updated as often as I am sure you wanted to know...The news some days was just so grim at times..They had him knocked out for days on end and it was just painful....I couldn't believe it when I got the update that he is eating and walking again....

    Well this is the last update... I think.... I may add a picture next week: For those of you that prayed through this ordeal with me... You are great and may God bless you richley. My friend Virgil got on his horse last Thursday.. It was a day I never thought would come... At 78 years old and against every odd in the natural world he recovered from this landmark illness...He defied science....He will be traveling in the fall to Honduras once again to do surgeries for the underpriviledged ppl of this world.... I thank you all for his health and the surgeries he will be able to perform because of it... I would like to extend a prayer of blessings and gratitude to all of you that comforted me and gave me hope in the darkness... May your bright lanterns always be lit and may God hold his hand on your head and shower you will his love and blessings... Amen
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    [​IMG] Sounds like you've had one helluva a week!! My thoughts and prayers are going out to your friend & his family!!
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    Prayers for Virgil Peters and family from me. Sounds like a most wonderful man and family. I shall pray for them all.

    And for you, dear friend, prayers for your strength at this most difficult time. [​IMG]
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    Gosh I don't know how I'd be able to handle that all. . . [​IMG] Sending good vibes and luck your way.
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    Sometimes a good cry, a nice shot of patron and some good chocolate help dull the pain for a short time. Feel free to keep unloading on us, we're here to help you get through this. Thank you for sharing it with us so we can be praying for you and your family.
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    I can't Quit crying...that's the problem...It just keeps coming.... If tomarrow comes and he makes it and it gets better it will heal it all!!!! I ask for nothing more than his strength to fight and win.. (with God's help and your prayers) Thanks for being the work crew!!

    He delivered all of my children and taught bible study at my house for 10 years...every Wednesday (when we didn't cancel for ???) He and his wife are pillars of the community and do whatever it takes...They are responsible for 1000's of ppls lives being made better...Virgil is the president for Habitat for humanities here and worked tirelessly giving to others of himself in many ways... We rode horses together... He is the most honorable person I have ever known....He is a rightous man. He has given way more than he has taken.... that is really unusual in his profession...His family is a mirror of that.
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    aughhh geebs you're in my prayers here's to your horse playing over the rainbow bridge and if God calls ......I pray for strength may Virgil find the way life is such a struggle he sounds like a wonderful man
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    I hope he pulls through.. [​IMG]
    he sounds like an amazing man.. [​IMG]
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    palestine texas
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    Middle of the night prayers for Brother Peters.

    ... and for you too geebs.

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