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    Sep 12, 2012
    This new "gel nail polish" that salons are doing and stores are selling is useful for a LOT more than just... well, making your nails look pretty. And I thought I would share it here. It's expensive to buy for doing your nails, but I bought a second-hand set with the UV light and top-coat that has turned in to SO MANY OTHER uses, and I wanted to share.

    Just this morning, I used it to fix eyeglasses. Wire frames usually still have plastic pieces that go around your ears. Sometimes those plastic pieces can come loose - or in my case, a piece where the plastic starts along the metal frame, chips off. The chip left a V-shaped break that caught my hair EVERY TIME I put the glasses on.

    Well I took the gel top coat and put a dab on the spot. I then put it in the UV light so that spot was exposed to the lights, and let it run for the 30 seconds it takes to "set" the gel polish. I turned it over and ran the light for 30 seconds again to set the bottom side. Then I cleaned the "excess tacky stuff" off with alcohol, and viola, eyeglasses that no longer catch my hair all the time! The gel polish dab made a natural incline between the metal and plastic so it's like a seamless transition between the two now - even BETTER than it was before!

    Then I decided to do it to the other side of the eyeglasses, just to secure that plastic piece in place.

    I've also used this stuff to fix flip-flops. I used a plastic bread clip on the bottom of the flip-flop to keep the toe divider from coming all the way through the bottom of the flip-flop, and then used the gel to "secure" it all in place. That one was a little harder to do, since the flip flop doesn't easily fit into the UV light (hint: the sun can help with that).

    I've used it to smooth a tiny chip on the edge of a drinking glass too, so I didn't have to throw the glass away. Obviously, a chip will cut the lip of anyone who uses the glass, but a dab of the gel polish makes it smooth and harmless again.

    I've also used it to fix screen. I raise turtles, lizards, snakes, and bullfrogs, (plus my chickens) and have a holding bin for keeping the crickets I feed to them with a mesh screen top. The screen got a hole in it that looked chewed (I'm thinking a mouse), and the crickets could easily escape. I used this stuff and "painted" over the hole to seal it up.

    So if you happen to see something like this at a garage sale, or if you've bought it before and no longer really use it... then don't throw it out or pass it by! This stuff has amazing holding capability, it's pretty strong, and it dries SMOOTH and hard. It's like super glue, only better when "exposed" to the elements all the time. Super glue dries out almost too much, enough to chip and flake if it's just dabbed on a flat surface. But this gel stuff doesn't!

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