New VALBAZEN - $35


13 Years
Oct 26, 2007
Rhode Island
$35 (includes shipping). Just (May 2015) bought 500 ml of Valbazen from Jeffers. I thought one of my hens had a (one) worm, but it turned out to be an insect larvae that landed on her poo.

I'd like to open the bottle and take 5 mls out (with a new, sterile syringe) in case I ever need it, but the rest is just a waste of $43 plus shipping. Anyone interested? It's been sitting in a plastic bag, unopened, on my kitchen counter for a week. I can leave the bottle unopened if no one wants an opened bottle.

I would also take about $30-$35 worth of the following in swap:
  • Honey from your bees
  • Dried meal worms
  • One of those glass mason jar waterers with galvanized dish
  • Bunches of dried lavender
  • A decent hand pruner (I keep leaving mine out in the rain…)
  • A wind chime – very simple design and lovely sound
  • Have something else you think I’d like?
  • No birds or eggs please, I’m all set right now.

Thank you!
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