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    Mar 18, 2012
    McCleary, Wa
    I've been lurking on this site for a while, gleaning all the expert information I could - and I want to thank you all very very much. I'm so very excited to become part of this family. I live in McCleary, Wa - which is just 20 miles west of Olympia. The coop is built, the run is getting fenced - and last Saturday was "Chick Day" at the feed store. I have 25 chicks coming the first of next week (and 3 ducklings) however, when I went to the feed store to get feeders, waterers etc there were chickens everywhere. So, of course I came home with some - 3 California Whites, 3 Auracanas, and 3 Barred Rocks. This is day three and they are all thriving. My biggest fear was that I wouldn't be able to get the temperature right and I'd fry them. But I guess not!!! I'm in love all over again. Fortunately, My bigger order is going to be shared with my Boss, and a co-worker - Rhode Island Reds, Australorps, Barred Rocks, Red Sex Link and Brown Leghorns. I know it's quite a mixture, but I'm out to find the breeds I like the best - so a few of several seemed like the way to go. I also have 3 Buff Orpingtons coming from a local feed store. A good thing we live out in the country. I don't know exactly how many my designated area will accomodate, but fortunately, we have a poultry auction nearby and Craigslist will be the avenues to helping me with any overages, unless any of you live near Olympia and are interested in increasing your flocks. Well, as things come up I'm sure I'll be posting a zillion questions. Here's the first - when do I start feeding the chicks grass????? Again, thanks so much for sharing all your information and experiences - I really appreciate it.

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    Welcome, and we're glad you joined! That's what we're about....
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    Hi LindaJean, and welcome from a neighbor in Renton.

    There's quite a few of us Washingtonians here. Jump in and say Hi.

    Quote: I've fed my chicks small amounts of finely chopped vegetables from the day they come home from the feedstore- so about 2 days old.
    If you do feed them anything other than starter feed they will need grit for digestion.


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