"New" way to cull adult chickens! Whippets/laughing gas

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    So I have been trying to find the best way to kill my poor girl... she was suffering horribly. I thought about neck breaking, but I had never done it before, and was afraid I'd fail and hurt her more. I read about the axe and the sharp knife, the machete, gassing her with the car, and gassing her with starter fluid, and with dry ice. I read online for days, and none of these were right.

    Then I thought about whippets... those tiny little canisters of nitrous oxide used for whipped cream and sometimes as "laughing gas".... it's an anesthesia.... it calms you... and numbs you....I've had it before the dentist and before a major surgery. There are so many warning stories about people who accidentally suffocate by abusing them. I thought, if it doesn't kill her, at least it will knock her out for a sec while i do the deed. I got everything ready.

    A box of whippets from the smoke shop, along with a large balloon that they sell there. I already have a metal whip cream dispenser. I snipped off each end of the balloon, after blowing it up and practicing a few times. The neck, I made large enough to fit snugly around her neck, but over her head. The other end, I snipped tiny, so I could stretch it over the nozzle that dispenses the gas (or cream). It was really easy.

    I snuck outside by moonlight, flashing my flashlight a few times to situate myself. I had a towel, a razorblade, a pocket full of whippets, and the balloon. I put the towel over her and sat above her. I placed the larger hole of the balloon over her head, and she struggled a bit, but my hands were shaking like crazy. It was snug around her neck, and her head was in the bulb part of the balloon. I had pre-filled the cream can with gas, and loaded another one. Slipped the small balloon hole over the nozzle. I held her neck in my fingers to make sure there was no leak, and slowly let some air into the balloon. I could see it moving with her breath. I kept slowly releasing gas and stopping, and she flapped once, very soft, after a few seconds, and after a few more, I noticed that that the balloon had stopped moving. She was dead. I then broke her neck, so I'll know how to do it if I need to. That was surprisingly easy, as well. I pulled straight out.

    I feel a little shaky, but it was so fast and I don't think it hurt her at all. I would recommend this method to anyone who doesn't mind getting up close and personal, but has doubts as to their ability to swiftly dispatch the chicken with sharp things, or breaking the neck successfully. I really feel relieved to have this new option for culling.
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    Very interesting!

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