New Years day was a bad start to the year but I just had a baby hatch

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    New Years day I was so upset. Something happened to trip the breaker to the chicken house where I have a separate area for baby chicks to brood and the heating lamp (all the electric for that matter) didn't come back on and it was all on when I went to bed the night before. I woke up and went out to take care of the chickens only to find my 6 chicks that was 2 weeks old at the time had died and that is when I found out about the heating lamp. I am not sure how long the electric was off to the chicken house but it was certainly long enough for those 6 babies to die.

    Now today I just watched a newborn Columbian Wyandotte chick hatched (it arrived a little early). I can't take pictures right now (no camera) but I will try to get pictures of these new babies. I have 2 different incubators going right now. This one incubator has hatch dates of 5, 6 and 7th. In the second incubator I have hatch dates of 13, 18 and 21 which I will be moving the 13th hatch to incubator one after everyone in that has hatched. ... not to mention I have a broody that will hatching out hopefully around the 20th.
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    [​IMG] sorry about your babies.

    Congrats on the new fluffy butt! [​IMG] Can't wait to see pics!

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