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9 Years
Jul 18, 2010
Marshfield, Ma.
About a week and a half ago my White Rock Roo of 2 years suddenly just dropped dead while I was out in the yard chasing a Buff hen. He was flipping out one minute, then dead on the ground the next. He went from crowing to a funny coo to expired all in a minutes time. I heard this weird coo noise and saw him laying on the ground flapping, by the time I got to him he was dead, lifeless,no heartbeat, no breath. A wave of shock and sadness ensued. Broke the news to my DH and then the kids. As rough on the hens he was, not mean just too big for my girls. He was about 10 pounds and the hens around 5 or 6. He was a good boy for watching over his girls,warning of any threat. The thought not having a roo to watch over them worried me. So of to craigslist in search of one, seeing it is prime time for getting rid of them. Any way I got a couple responses via email (even though I said to call). One woman left a message in about a half hour of my posting and just the sound of the description of him I was interested right away. I stated on CL that I was looking for a Buff or Barred 6mths to a year or so old. I called her back and he was 8 months old and a Buff/ Auracana mix with dad being the Buff. So here he is Jerry Lee.

He is currently in my dog run serving his time in quarantine. Wormed him, vitamined, dusted for lice/mites just in case and checking his overall health. He can see and hear his future harem but can't get access as of yet. Got a feeling he is going to be a good boy as he warned them of a hawk the other day even though the girls are 75 feet away and lets them know when there is scratch in his run. Just wanted to show him off as my last boy was just plain snow white, just plain old vanilla to this.
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