(New Zealands) RABBIT help needed, (again)


11 Years
Jul 7, 2008
Freeman Mo.
Well, I didnt do so well a year ago with trying to breed meat rabbits (New Zealands) so I kinda gave up, well about 3 months ago I came across a gentleman selling off his operation and purchased 2 sets of 2 month old breading pairs. Well. I tried to breed them today (they are 5 months old now) and the one female has blood on her hind end. around the inside of her legs, not alot and not a continuose like from a wound.
Any ideas here? Is this natural?
Not sure, did you watch the breeding? There could have been some fighting. Typically large breeds are not bred until between 8-10 months old, as they are not done growing yet. Perhaps she was fighting off the male? Or she was injured due to being immature.
First ... 5 months is too young to breed a commercial animal. They are not mature. We do not breed NZ until they are 7-9 months of age. This is a large animal that needs time to mature.

That said. Check the buck for an injury. An upset doe can injure a buck quite easily. Teeth are a terrible thing on the ...private part. Does have taken it off or injured it to the point of non use. New little boys don't know which end to breed, so they put things where they don't belong until they learn.

Good luck ...
Thanks for the reply, we did watch the breeding, there was no fighting. I bred them as the guy I got them from said he breeds his after 4 months old. So we gave it a try.

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