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    Hi all,

    I'm new here and I am from Michigan too. I'm from the south west part of MI. I am in the process of researching different breeds for layers. We had some in the past, but raccoons wiped us out. We have not raised them for a couple of years now, just meat chickens in the summer that my kids have entered in the county fair. When we butchered the last of them this summer, my 4yo son was sad to see them go. He really enjoyed taking care of them. So, I promised him that this spring I would get him some layers that we would not have to kill. He has reminded me of it several times in the past few weeks! I then had to explain to him seasons and when spring would be here. lol I also miss my fresh eggs! I am really looking forward to having them once again.
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    Welcome!! I reign form Nashville, Indiana!!

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