6 Years
May 1, 2013
Hello everyone.
I finally decided to join y'all as I seem to come here for all y'alls excellent advice on my birds. Y'all are the best I've found for info.

I want to thank Mr MKK FARMS for the excellent avatar. Love frogs!!! Thank you!

About me, you can call me sybdragon, syb, or just sandra, I answer to all. I am not used to seeing my name online (sandra) but I can adjust if anyone wants to use it. Might have to excuse me if I don't respond to it right away, brain is getting old now-a-days. LOL

I live in southcentral Kentucky with my hubby and 5 dogs, cat, 22 chickens (plymouths, red, white and barred), and 3 mallard ducks. I had 5 guineas until something got them in the last storm we had here. Dang coyotes I think.
But could be foxes, or coydogs (half wild dog and coyote mix). I will be ranting about that in another thread

I am long-winded sometimes, ok, I fibbed a bit
I talk alot, just ask anyone that knows me. LOL So please excuse me if I post a long post, I don't mean to, it just gets away from me and I've wrote a book.
See even my intro is getting long. And if you've noticed, I love the emoticons as words are so sterile and emoticons help with the emotion I'm trying to convey. Some people will want to avoid my posts because of the emoticons, it's ok, I do understand that some people find them distracting and annoying. I try to limit them and sometimes I do but sometimes I don't. Sorry in advance for that.

I am a new chicken and duck owner, my chickens and ducks are around 2 months old I think, time is meaningless to me I find as I get older, days just run into more days and I don't keep up with that stuff anymore.

I had 6 guineas for the last couple years, 4 males and 2 females, somehow one of my males got killed and I think it was fighting the other males unfortunately. So I had 5 guineas. Now.... well I am getting more guineas.... next month, maybe this month, depends on my cash flow and if I can find some around here again.

I am happy to be here on the forum. I expect to learn a lot of stuff here. Now I will forget about this thread and go to the forum. so if I don't say hi back, it's because my brain didn't remind me I put up an intro.
I can be so bird brained sometimes. LOL


7 Years
Sep 1, 2012
Hello & welcome to BYC. No need to apologize - embrace & love who you are & how you communicate with others - if we all did it the same way it would be boring. Chat away!!!!!!!

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