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    Oct 14, 2013
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    Ok, so... Im David. I built a chicken pen and decided to get into raising the chickens. Ive always worked very hard all my life at two and three jobs since I was 14. cutting grass, odd and ends. I recently received my disability when I was injured and unable to work anymore. Most people judge, but I really cant do much of anything being on a cane and legally blind, so I cant drive anymore. It is very hard to give up, but I have. I had good points to get paid enough and a bit over to live on, but we do come up short on food at the end of the week, so I decided to raise chickens for meat and eggs. I am looking for some chickens now. About four to five good egg layers. Later this spring I will get a rooster. sell my chicks, make a tid bit to buy feed and such. I realy could use the help in information to raise these things, bc I know nothing about them other than they go cluck, lol.
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    Hi David, and welcome to BYC. There are a lot of ways to raise chickens organically, like growing fodder from barley or wheat seeds. Fodder is high in nutrition and can be fed to just about any farm animal. Here's a link that will help you:

    Check out the Buy - Sell - Trade forum if you're looking for chickens.

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