NewBabies UnusualTrio a Peachick , Crevecoeur chick &a Sultan PICS

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  1. Yes i know what an interesting combination!
    First it was the desire to get a peacock or peahen. we drove allll the way to BFE to find theses peachicks but discovered that when we got there the peachicks we wanted to buy were all sold but of course there are blue india chicks for sale that are twice as much- hence we only had cash for one....
    after about an hour of watching the poor guy frantically searching for a buddy [​IMG] we decided we needed another chick of some sort to keep him company-
    Thats when i found a wonderful woman on CL (who was half way to the same BFE) who had crevecoer chicks, so out again we go lol 90 miles today total....
    once we arrive , we realize she has all sorts of nice polish and a few seramas [​IMG] .my oh my its a good thing i brought extra cash this time [​IMG]. so of course we just had to have a white polish [​IMG]. she (i hope) is a bit older maybe 7 weeks, but still small .
    Then the womans neighbor was out and he has a chickens galore- only seramas , modern game birds and Shamos---- we are soo lucky that he only had 2 day olds because we definitely want a modern game bird, but not one lonely guy in the brooder- they look like road runners!!so darn cute , and the crow of a serama which i have never heard before [​IMG]
    We exchanged numbers and the gentleman knows we want a 2-3 week old modern game bird> he has black and blue & yellow

    and if your wondering , yes , all 3 are piled up for the night in their playpen snuggle'n [​IMG]
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  3. Our First Peachick! 3 days old


    Our New White Polish- 7 weeks- we have named her Blanka- which of course is Polish & means white


    Last but definitely not least....
    our first and only Crevecoeur Chick

  4. I would love to hear any stories of anyone's experience with raising a chick & peachick together [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] that last one reminds me of the eagle from the muppets!
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    OH MY!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:X2 "You are all weirdos!" [​IMG]

    Very cute babies... enjoy!

  8. in the polish thread i was informed that my polish is a sultan [​IMG]

    duhh , feathered feet why didnt i think of that. I do have one polish hen , ya know , the non feathered feet kind [​IMG]

    anyways -thanks to the BYC member who informed me [​IMG] Your knowledge is appreciated

    We may change her name ... Blanka was a name i found on a polish name website and the meaning is white so i had to have it.

    and the three of them are doing great. Lil Peachick eats alot of crumble but only when i hydrate it into mush ( 1 :1 of turkey feed and 20% medicated chick starter crumble) and he prefers it off of my finger. hes also enjoying trampling through the dish pan , sipping it along the way

    He doesnt mingle with the sultan or crevecoeur unless they have food on their beaks [​IMG] he likes to think that thats them hand feeding him or if its snuggle time at night

    The 2 week and 7 week are getting along great , despite the age/size difference. and they are great with the 3 day old peachick.

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