Newbie: Chickens in Phoneix city setting?


11 Years
Mar 16, 2008
I'm considering getting a couple chickens. We have a home in chandler (sub. of phoenix). We have a large (for a city) backyard. I'm looking for enough for 4-6 people. Any extra I'd give away or feed to the dogs. Which brings us to hard part. We have 4 dogs. 2 labs, a boxer and a shiba inu mix.

Can anyone make suggestions on a breed that would survive in phoenix summer heat without expensive cooling equipment and that will actually lay eggs with 4 dogs running around and probably barking at them.

I'd guess the dogs will ignore them once they get used to them but I won't make any promises!
I think there are some members closer to you than I am, which is in Kingman, but mine do fine with plenty of shade and water they can walk in. Gets messy, but I think that their legs being wet helps to cool them.

Breed-I had Barred Rocks and EEs until a neighbor's dog got all but one, and they did fine. I'm getting Buff Orps and Lt. Brahma chicks next month; I chose those because of their light coloring,which should be better for the sun in AZ.

I don't know about the dogs, they may require some work to understand that they don't bother the chickens.

Check out the "Where am I? Where are you?" forum. You'll find AZ people there.

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