Newbie clipped her goat! HOW BAD IS IT?!

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    Mar 11, 2007
    I've had a Nigerian Dwarf Goat for a year. Last year, I showed in open goat at the county fair, and three weeks before the fair had a friend who's been showing goats for a few years come out and help me clip her.
    This year, I'M ENROLLED IN GOAT PROJECT IN 4-H, and we were supposed to have a "clipping day" (where we all drag our clippers and angry goats over to the leaders house) and she helps us clip 'em up nice. Well, the clipping day got pushed back from the original date, and then i was told "oh we'll just contact you when we reschedule." On saturday afternoon, I found out that clipping day had taken place that morning, but the leader has apparently decided I no longer warrant a call or an email (someone wjho doesn't like me started a rumor I quit one 4-H club to join another..apparently, she believed them.) when meetings are.
    So saturday afternoon I set to work, all on my own, with my oster clippers and angry 1 year old Nigerian Dwarf. I had my 9 year old sister hold her down, and I tried as best I could but I still feel like i didnt do a good job. I wasn't entirely sure of what I was doing. I'm posting pics. It's a really SHORT, CLOSE, skin baring in some thin areas (like cheeks and behind shoulder) clip. Does anyone have any tips for fixing or blending a clip? Does she look okay? She has FANTASTIC confirmation, and I really hate to screw her out of her chance to win because i gave her a bad haircut. HOW BAD IS IT?!?!
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    Well....... at least hair grows quickly and perhaps some of it will even out by the show. Go have fun, do your best and enjoy yourself. She is a cute goat. [​IMG]
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    Aug 15, 2008
    When shaving, try to pull their skin tight as you're going over it, it cuts closer and you won't run over any skin wrinkles. If it's your first try, you did really well. I've see some funny stuff when showing, so good job!
    I do suggest you go over her again and try shaving in one direction only.
    I think if you went against the growth of the hair you'd get a closer cut and it would fix the spots that look out of place.
    Also, try to go the full length of the back in one stroke. The longer the strokes the better the cut looks.

    I also learned that there are some real jerks in 4H and FFA, all you can do is try to do your best and ignore the dummies. Try to get as much help and instruction from your leaders, even if they are rude or act like they don't care about you. (what happened in my case)
    I've noticed they will pick a favorite or the person they think will have the best chances and help them with everything and ignore the others. I'm not saying that's all that's out there, it's just what happened with me with 3 different schools.
    Showing is really fun and you get to show off your animal-in my case pet! Lol!
    Anyways good luck! [​IMG]
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    When is the show?

    I don't think it looks all that bad, either. There are some spots that can use a little smoothing out, but for it being the first time you should cut yourself some slack! With age comes wisdom!
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    Apr 13, 2009
    Can you have your friend come over and help you smooth out some of those areas?
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    I would do it once more. It cannot hurt anything. It should help smooth out some of the longer areas. Hold her down, stretch out the skin as you shave. Only shave in one direction overlapping LONG even strokes. Hold the clippers like you hold a pen, apply EVEN pressure not too hard not too light. Stretching the skin is the key, and use as long as strokes as possible. Good luck at fair! Maybe get someone who attended the clinic to come over and help?
  7. aggieterpkatie

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    Apr 26, 2009
    Are you using a guard over the blade? It almost looks like you had a bare blade and were just trying to hold the clippers away from the skin. Make sure you get a guard so you can rest the clippers on her body. Use long strokes, and keep the clippers on her body the whole stroke. [​IMG]

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