Newbie, Critique My Coop Please!

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    Jan 17, 2015
    Hi All,

    After many years of waiting, I'm very exited to soon be getting my first flock! I am planning to have 6 hens in in my coop. The coop is 4x8 with an attached 4x8 walk in covered run (which will connect to the shaded space under the 4x8 coop, so a 4x16 space they can explore). The entire coop will reside inside a large fenced garden where they will be able to free range when the weather is decent. I'm in New England so they'll be confide to the coop and run during a good part of the winter.

    I've attached photos of the coop I have on order. It hasn't been built yet, so there is still time for modifications. Here are some of my questions I'd love some experienced advise on:

    Nesting boxes: The coop comes with 8 boxes, which seems like a big waste of space for 6 hens. Should I cut it down to 4 or even less (which would make some nice room for water and feed or more roosting area).

    Upgrades: I ordered with upgrades including windows that open, linoleum flooring, and a removable poop deck. Are these all worthwhile upgrades? Will the girl want to roost is front of the windows (ie if I'm removing nesting boxes, should I add nesting space?).

    Is there anything you would change about the design of the interior to make it function better for that size flock?

    Thank you!



  2. Ande843

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    Feb 23, 2015

    I love the coop! I'm a "Newbie" as well. I have my chicks on order, but have been researching the heck out of a types of a coop to build. I agree with you on the waste of space on the nesting boxes. I read that one box per 3-5 chicken was good enough. So maybe only have three?! I also read that a lot of people will angle the board above the nesting boxes so they don't roost on top of it. It will also keep them from pooping on top of it. Less clean up for you.

    I think your upgrades are worth it, especially the windows being able to open. Will they have some sort of screen? to keep them from flying out? The removable poop deck is something I would also have. I'm not 100% I would put in linoleum. But I haven't gotten that far as what i'm going to put down. I was actually just reading that sand is an awesome bedding. SInce I live 1/2 from the beach I may go that route. I would think having the linoleum would make for an easy clean up.

    One other thing I read was to paint the inside as it keeps out the mites. Apparently they like to hide in the wood during the day, and come out at night. If you paint the inside it seals everything up.

    I'm interesting in what others will say, as I mentioned I'm new at this too.. I'm just full of internet searches, blogs, and pinterest

    Good Luck
    Andrea :)
  3. ECBW

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    Apr 12, 2011
    You are absolutely right that there are too many nests. 3 would be fine.

    Raise the 3 nests off the floor so there will be more space for the chickens. I keep my feeder and waterer under so chickens don't jump on top.

    The roost can be higher.

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