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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by kayray89, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Feb 25, 2016
    Hi. I'm new to the duck-raising thing and would appreciate some advice. I have two duckling Indian runners (Echo and Zola) They are just over 4 weeks old. The past day or so we have noticed that Echo seems to be a bit lethargic and Zola has a little bit of a limp.

    At the moment both are kept inside in a makeshift pen (1 meter by 2 meters)with a sheet as their flooring, half a pet carrier with hay at the base to use as a nest, a waterer, a food bowl and a paint roller tray for them to swim in. I take them into a temporary pen that's outside for about an hour or more a day so they can forage and be ducks. I think they are still a little too small to leave out there unsupervised or for lengthy periods. I feed them starter feed as well as some veggies like kale, peas, corn, fresh beans and occasionally mashed banana as a treat. I've started to put Apple cider vinegar in their water thinking that might help and I've been searching high and low for some Brewers yeast to stick in their feed. I clean their waterer, food bowl and swimming tray everyday. Sometimes twice a day and change their bedding every second day. It's been pretty hot and humid here lately 30 degrees celcius (I'm in Queensland, Australia) and at times I have found them drifting off to sleep in their swimming tray (they can always touch the bottom and get in and out easily)

    I'm just really hoping that they are ok. I hate to think that I'm not doing something that could potentionally really harm them. Any advice is welcome :)
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    @kayray89 Can you get poultry vitamins? and "plain niacin tablets? plain meaning non flush free or time released. and brewers yeast can be ordered on line also just make sure it's human or animal grade. I'd say heat and possibly a niacin def maybe the culprit. Are they eating good looking bright and clear eyed? Make sure when using ACV in their waterer it isn't metal Welcome to BYC Did you check the feet of your lil one who is limping? look for bumble foot.

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