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  1. Newbie Farm Girl

    Newbie Farm Girl New Egg

    Sep 25, 2011
    Hi Everybody!! Nice to meet everyone!

    The name's Kershawna. I'm new to this whole family farm thing. [​IMG]
    I grew up in the "big city" of Amarillo, Texas. [​IMG] hehe! Well, it's the big city for that area. [​IMG]
    I moved down to Wichita Falls to be with my husband, (BYC member, Flash534) Jeff.
    A funny thing is, he is originally from California, and I from Texas. He's the farm boy and I'm the city girl. *laughs*
    Anyway, we have a little section of land that we purchased a few years ago. We have finally moved out to the country!
    We have a little 6-acre family farm-in-progress. We have a lot of building and a lot of work to do, but we're excited!

    After living out here since Nov of last year, we have built one chicken tractor and a 6x8 coop.
    We haven't had the best of luck so far, as we have had the weather with which to contend!!
    Apparently it has been the hottest summer with the worst drought conditions in over 100 years.
    That's just our luck. [​IMG] lol!!

    We HAD a 30ft x 30ft plot of garden that all burned up in the scorching sun. [​IMG]

    With chickens, we've had similar luck.

    We began the year eager, and entirely too early it seems.
    My sweet husband wanted me to experience the hatching of our own eggs. [​IMG]
    We ordered 4 dozen from various hatcheries in mid-February.
    Upon time for delivery, we had an unusual snow-storm.
    Our friendly neighborhood postal carrier left the eggs on the porch in 30 degree weather for several hours before we got home from work.
    We were hopeful, so we still incubated them, only to be devastated 21 days later when not a single egg hatched.
    Second try... hopeful again, a new fresh start!! Eggs were delayed 3 weeks in delivery... to be delivered the weekend we were leaving town.
    So we set them in the incubator, yet again hopeful, and bumped the temp just a bit to compensate for the temp of the eggs.
    Three days later, we arrive home to an incubator set at 108 degrees. *facepalm*
    So, after 21 days, we see a star-crack!! [​IMG]
    I was over-joyed and sat next to the incubator the entire time!! I even filmed the little guy hatching. lol!
    I know, I know... I'm a dork. But I think I'm in good-company. [​IMG]
    Anyway, unfortunately it seems we "poached" the remaining eggs, as we had only the one little guy hatch.
    We named him "Lucky". lol
    He turned out a beautiful Rhode Island Red Rooster, of which we have as a pet now!
    Since, we have tried numerous hatchings and even the purchase of little baby chicks through the mail...

    Here is what we have wound up with so far:

    1 Rhode Island Red Rooster (my Wucky Wooster!!!!)
    1 Barred Rock Hen (the wooster was lonely when he was a baby... we had to go to Tractor Supply and buy him a friend! lol)
    8 Australorps (5 cockerels and 3 pullets)
    4 Japanese Silver Duckwing Phoenix (yeah, guess who picked out THOSE?) [​IMG]
    (3 cockerels and 1 pullet)
    1 Black and Copper Maran cockerel
    3 Araucanas (which we're really not sure about the sex as of yet)
    (one we're pretty sure is a pullet, golden duckwing with dark willow legs)
    (one we're pretty sure is a cockerel, blue breasted red with yellow legs)
    (and one of undeterminable sex, which we dont exactly know about the coloring either) [​IMG]
    (I just call it a "he"... when he was a bit younger he looked quite horrible, to be honest, so we've named him "Cracky". LOL)

    And today we have a hatching date with our most recent little bundles of joy!!
    More Araucanas, from BYC's own Smoothmule and Ray_n_Debi!!
    More to come on that as they arrive!! [​IMG]

    In the future, we also intend on having myotonic goats for food and entertainment purposes. [​IMG] lol
    As well as some smaller breed cattle for the back section, once we've finished re-fencing.

    All-in-all, this entire past year has been quite a wonderful learning experience for me, and has left me in awe!!
    I am a little over-whelmed to be honest, but only because I had NO IDEA what I was getting in to!!!
    I am completely in love with these little birds!! They are amazing!! So many breeds, such beautiful plumage, and so fun and relaxing to watch!!!

    So, that's a little about our background and plans for the future. I'll try to get some pics together as I am able.

    Again, it is very nice to meet you all!!! I'm so thankful for this amazing information resource!! We have been looking to you guys for help since day one!!

    <3 Kershawna <3
    aka Newbie Farm Girl hehe!!
  2. Magic Birdie

    Magic Birdie Overrun With Chickens

    May 3, 2011
    Magic Birdie land
    You have a very interesting story! Don't worry, you're just like everyone else on BYC [​IMG]
  3. speckledhen

    speckledhen Intentional Solitude Premium Member

    Welcome, Kershawna! [​IMG]
  4. Flash534

    Flash534 Out Of The Brooder

    Aug 14, 2011
    Wichita Falls, Texas
    Glad to have the "city girl", here with me in Chickenland !!! [​IMG] I've not been here long, but all the people I've met so far have been very helpful and friendly. Here's to many good posts, and some last night obsessive chciken lore reading. lol Hope you enjoy the forums as much as I have. [​IMG]
  5. kidcody

    kidcody Overrun With Chickens

    [​IMG] [​IMG] from WA. glad you joined us [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. theoldchick

    theoldchick The Chicken Whisperer Premium Member

    May 11, 2010
  7. JulieNKC

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    Sep 25, 2010
    Kansas City
    [​IMG] from Missouri. Good luck on your new batch of eggs!!
  8. dawg53

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    Nov 27, 2008
    Jacksonville, Florida
    Welcome to BYC.
  9. GoldenSparrow

    GoldenSparrow Chillin' With My Peeps

    Mar 11, 2011
    WELCOME!!!!!! [​IMG]
  10. weimarmama

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    Jun 4, 2010
    My Coop
    [​IMG] & [​IMG] from Alabama. Glad you joined us. Good luck and hope you have a great hatch [​IMG]

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