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6 Years
Sep 22, 2013
Hi all, I am BRAND NEW to this chicken thing. I live in Cullman County Alabaama, about 40 miles north of Birmingham. I am in the process of setting up a small flock for egg production for my family. Got my hands on a raised coop today (for free) and I hope to set up a big fenced in run with ramp leading to coop.(pics of coop coming soon) Any advice, tips, or other help would be much appreciated.
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Welcome to BYC!
Hi, Auburnfan99,

Welcome to BYC! I'm new this week, too. And.. I am an Auburn fan (War Eagle!) in Houston County, Alabama. I have had my chickens since April this year. I have learned so much from this site. The members are so gracious, helpful, and very knowledgeable.

Bless you!
Welcome to BYC!
The Learning Center would be a good place to start. There are articles on anything from hatching eggs to protecting your flock against predators. Enjoy!
Thanks for the warm welcomes.. Here is my (free) coop as it sits today. I plan on adding a few roosting poles inside, and a ramp to the ground to a (future) fenced in area. May not be too pretty, but its a start

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