Newbie from Florida


9 Years
Oct 6, 2010
Jacksonville, FL
Hello everyone!

My wife and I are just getting strted with our hen raising adventure. We have a small flock of 4 to get started with. We may add a couple more next year.

We are just getting started in gardening, too, so we have much to learn. We have seen some success this year, and also seen many challenges.

We live in North Jacksonville, and have one grown son, and two teenagers who help with the garden and chickens.

We look forward to meeting and learning from the message boards and forums, and hope to hear from you all soon.

John & Sue Jewell
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Shawn, Josh, and Noah
Hello from Central New York!
We have one Rhode Island Red, one "plain white", and two Americanus hens.

The Rhode Island Red has been the most consistant layer, the "plaiin white" has just strted laying, and the Americanus have been irregular, at best.

I have:
11 BRs, 8 BAs, 4 Wyandottes, 4 Anconas, 1 leghorn, 1 black copper marans, 1 Partridge rock, and 1 Delaware. I may have missed a few, they are mostly chicks I am in the process of rotating out the older hens that are slowing down that I don't like, and keeping the nice hens even though they are slowing down.

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