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    Jan 1, 2014
    Hey everybody. After much research, I have just completed my chicken coop. I have zero experience but want to raise chickens fors eggs for a couple of reasons. Mainly, there is no egg that is better than a farm fresh, free range egg, and also I want my daughter to grow up with responsibility that teaches her where her food comes from. So i was hoping that someone on this forum could lead me in the right to direction to purchase a sweet breed (for my toddler daughter) that is a great layer. My coop is only 4'X4' and run is 16'X4', so I am planning on 4-6 hens. They will be free ranged on a half acre for a few hours a day. Any ideas on what to purchase and where to purchase? Also I am hoping to buy hens that are at least a few weeks old as I am not sure I am prepared to raise a day old chick.
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    Jan 15, 2014
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    I would get the larger breeds and get 4 hens. A large breed like Sussex are docile, inquisitive and friendly- they don't fly like the smaller breeds. But of course this is personal preference. I hear silkies are also great with kids :) enjoy your new adventure! :cd ps Day old is a big responsibility and takes up quite a bit of time, if you don't have so much extra time rather look at older chicks that will not need so much extra maintenance and would be ready to move out of your house and their heat lamp sooner!

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