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Jun 12, 2010
Hi thought I'd introduce myself. I've already posted a question and got it answered by the wonderful people here, so I thought it only appropriate to introduce "us". I live in Houston, Texas and have recently decided to give raising chickens a try. I got some young chickens but not little chicks. I have 9 hens and one rooster. I got them back in March and they started laying June 4, the day I left to my sisters for a week. Figures!!! But I'm back and now wanting to get an incubator or a brooder hen or two. Husband just laughs at me. Ohh well...He has hogs. I'm from the city and my husband is from the country soo he's showing me the ropes. LOL

Is there any items you guys would suggest to a newbie? Maybe something that would have made it sooo much easier if you knew it from the beginning? Cause that's where I'm at. Just looking for suggestions. Is there anything I need to give them to keep them from getting diseases?

Thank you for all of your suggestions.

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