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Hello Everyone! I just want to start out by saying this is an awesome site! I've been snooping in the forum since October when I purchased "Raising Chickens for Dummies". Between the book and this site, I've figured out what I needed to do to get started with my chickens. Step 1, getting the coop, is finally finished. Only took me 3 months to find a good one! My husband, while a very good guy, is NOT a carpenter. So, I had to look for a used shed.

A little intro on me....I am the proud mom of 4 wild kids, Maddie is 11, Kayla 10, Izik 6 and Rylee 4. I currently have 3 dogs; Bailey is a 7 year old German Shorthaired Pointer mix, Koda is a 1 year old Husky rescue, and Six is a 2 year old lab mix rescue. Add to that a 6 toed 1 year old kitty named Thumbs that I saved from drowning, and a 1 year old Green Iguana named Houdini (not a rescue, my husband insisted on a snake, I said it had to at least have legs, and like its name, it is an escape artist). Um...I think that sums up my animal list. At least until I get my Chickens, and we are aiming for mid to end of March. We are leaning towards Plymouth Rocks...any ideas on a good hatchery close to North West Ohio??

Thanks, and I'm sure I'll be on here alot...I've been addicted since October!
Welcome, Welcome! I live in Nebraska, but I used to live in Ohio, in Columbus. What ciity are you near to? I know you and your children will love rearing the chicks! Glad to have you here, and welcome again.

from ct.!!!!
great intro on your coop/life etc.!!!!!
love.gif is a great site!! good luck to ya!!!!!!

Thanks everyone!

2ndtimearound: I live about 15 miles West of Bowling Green. Kinda between Bowling Green and Defiance, if you're familiar with the area

And my kids are soooo excited! I've raised them to be animal lovers, and this is going to be a great start for them for 4H. Heck, its gonna be a great learning experiance for all of us!
from a fellow buckeye. So glad you joined. I have gotten birds from Meyer Hatchery in Polk OH. They are a great bunch of people. I am not sure how far away that is from you.
We ordered our day old chicks from Meyer yesterday, they should arrive on Tuesday
When I told the kids after I got home from work they were so excited they had to sit down and start lists of names for them LOL Meyer's website was down, but they were super friendly and helpful on the phone when I placed my order. I'm only 1 day shipping from them, and my postmaster knows they are coming, so I'm hoping the cold doesnt effect them too much. Its supposed to be 36 on Monday.

Thanks for the Great Welcome everyone!

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