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Mar 6, 2011
Hi everyone,

My name is Mike. 31 years old, married, and we have a 5 month old son. Born and raised in Miami, Fl with no backyard whatsoever. I'm very interested in the idea of having some egg producing chickens. We have about a half acre with neighbors on both sides. We have alot of barking dogs in the neighborhood so I doubt some hens would really be noticed, but again I have no idea. Would someone recommend some cold hearty, friendly, relatively quiet, egg producing breeds for me to look into please? Thanks so much!

Hi and
. I second dawg53's suggestion! My buff orpingtons lay right through winter.
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Hi Mike!
from S. Florida! Its great to have you here with us! There are lots of breeds of chickens that will do well in the cold. Its funny, but Miami is allowed to have chickens, but not here in Broward County!!
You're going to love chickeneering!

I have to agree with the BO choice; I love mine & once they started laying they havent stopped.
Are you still in Miami? I only ask because you asked about cold-hardy chickens.
Other than my rooster, the hens are all quiet--until they lay an egg & belt out a rousing version of the egg song!
Still not as loud & annoying as constantly barking dogs...
from NC!!
While I do not own chickens (yet...they'll be here soon). From what other BYC'ers have suggested along the hardy breeds include Brahma (which are good in both heat & cold), Delewares (same), New Hampshires, Rhode Islands. As for other cold hardy breeds you have: Australorp, Jersey Giants, Plymouth Rock and Wyandotte. Keep in mind these are just a fraction of all that's out there. Two sites that were recommended to me were:
My pet chicken - you can put in your requirements and it tells you which breeds would work...and explains a bit about them.
Henderson's Chicken Breed Chart - does a nice job at trying to give a comprehensive look at the different breeds & traits.

Of course, there is no better source for a plethora of information as your BYC'ers!!
again and happy chicken "hunting"

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