Newbie from South Africa

PTA Chicks

8 Years
Jan 15, 2012
KZN, South Africa

I'm a mum in South Africa who has ALWAYS wanted to keep chickens, for as long as I can remember (probably from the times as a little girl whose friends raised chickens on their farm)

I have 2 bantams - a mommy and baby. Baby is about 4 months old now. I had 5, one died as a little chick a few weeks old and 2 turned out to be roosters (an issue in our neighbourhood so they are now at the animal farm close to me). I really wanted to keep the roosters, but I also know that 2 roosters and 2 hens is not a good mix.

I have to keep them caged because I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and the dog keeps chasing them.

Looking forward to chatting!!
Hello from Texas,
hope you got a big cage
im kia from Azerbaijan
familiar with all your friend Azeri old breeds (sultan breeds azeri varite and marand breeds)
good luck

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