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Hi everyone,

I’ve been following for several years but never thought to make an account until now! Not sure why. What made up my mind was the multitude of homemade incubator plans that I’ve been studying and wanting to ask questions on!

I currently have 10 silkie hens and 1 silkie rooster and hope to get ducks, turkeys and geese soon. I am also taking my turn at broilers next week.

We live practically on the ocean here in Central Newfoundland, Canada and experience some pretty nasty weather for about 9 months of the year. Throughout the year we experience highs and lows ranging from - 20°C (-4°F) to around 35°C (90°F) heat, with lots of rain, strong winds (frequent gusts of +100km (62miles) are a joke!) and lots of awesome snow. We love snow and nice cool temperatures here!!

My chickens free range in my forested garden during the day and get locked in their pen in the evenings in case a cat or dog wanders from its owner, we don’t have to close the coop door in the pen as predators here are thankfully not a problem. We don’t have raccoons, possums or snakes here in NL, but do see the occasional marten, weasel or a mink in you’re close by the ocean. We do have hawks and eagles, so lots of shrubs and trees for cover are important. There are also foxes and bears but I’ve yet to see any in my garden.

Glad to be a part of this wonderful community of backyard enthusiasts!

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