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7 Years
May 24, 2012
Our family decided we didn't have enough pets/animals wandering around (2 dogs, 1 parakeet, 2 hives of honeybees) so we decided to try and add chickens. We bought 13 chicks (marans, RIRs, and polish), lost one RIR, and sold 5 roos once we determined that they were roos. The remaining chicks are 3 months old and consist of 4 Marans and 3 Polish (two pullets and the one remaining male of the bunch). Oh, and we also gave Mom two Cochins as Mothers Day presents, but they are only a about 3-4 weeks old. I have pulled a lot of useful info from this site, but finally decided to officially become a member.
We are EXTREMELY new to this, so expect a lot of ?s. Thanks for all the help so far and thanks for all the help to come.

I recommend searching the forums for Tenn, your region of Tenn (I believe there is a thread for Eastern, Central, and Western) as well as the breeds you have and want. That way you'll find out who is close to you and who the experts in your interests are. Then cruising the homepage for discussions in progress will provide entertaining reading, lol.

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