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Jun 3, 2017
Paulding County (NW) GA
My Coop
My Coop
Hi everyone!

I’m new to the site and new to Guinea keets. I had hens, 38 to be exact, back about 12 years ago but moved off the farm and into a prison called a sub-division. Before hubby and I were married, he also had hens ... and ducks, and Guineas, and rabbits, and goats, and horses ... well, you get the idea. We are back in the suburbs with some acreage and a “whole lotta” ticks, skeeters, and other miscellaneous bugs. I felt like NOT keeping Guineas would be such an injustice to them, depriving them from such a grand buffet! =)

I recently acquired four Guinea keets and a bunch of questions to go with them, so I’m back on BYC.

Our other hobbies include junkin, thrifting, RVing, organic gardening, and treatment free beekeeping; however, with the addition of Guineas to the homestead, looks like I may be relocating the bees… far, far away!!!

Hubby and I have five grown kids between us, three grandchildren and a Pomeranian. It is so hard for me to believe that we have grandkids because we are way too young for that!! :highfive: But we do enjoy our newly earned senior discounts!! :yesss: ha ha!!

I will most likely be hanging out in the Guinea thread, for the most part. Besides trying to keep these 5-day old keets alive, we're currently trying to decide on what type of pen/run to construct. :confused:



Sep 16, 2016
Wildlife Rehabilitator in NC
I also have guineas 9 grown and (4)11 day old keats still under mamas heating pad. It works great at keeping them warm. I have hatched all my guineas. They are fun to have. How old are your Keats? Oh by the way welcome to the BYC forum!

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